Who is Tommy Hyland?

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Many of you who found your way here may have never heard the name Tommy Hyland, but he is quite well known in his particular field. In fact, he has some amazing accolades that you are going to learn about today.

What does Tommy Hyland do?

To start things off, it’s important to take a look at what this man does for a living. He is a card counter at casinos. In fact, his main area of expertise is to count cards in blackjack games, and he has officially and successfully had a team in blackjack going all the way back to 1979. While members of the team have come and gone, Tommy Hyland has been a fixture and the main manager of this team for more than 35 years.

Tommy Hyland’s Early Blackjack Career

In order to get to know the man born as Thomas Hyland better, we may as well take you all the way back to the beginning of his official blackjack career.

You see, Tommy Hyland started playing blackjack in 1979. This is the same year that he officially began his blackjack and card counting team.

Why did he start to play blackjack? That is the question that many people want to be answered.

We learned from an interview on Blackjack Forum back in 2002 that he started to play cards – in particular blackjack – back in 1979 as soon as he read the book Playing Blackjack As a Business written by Lawrence Revere. Something in this book grabbed hold of Tommy’s imagination and never let him go. He learned and understood that he could play professional blackjack as a career and run it as a business from this point on. And he has never looked back as you can imagine since he’s been playing blackjack for over 35 years on a professional level.

Tommy Hyland’s Blackjack Team Origins

When Tommy originally started up the team back in 1979, he did so and the team consisted of four players. When they began the team, each of the four members had to put up $4000 apiece to create a team bankroll.

When the team was originally launched, they started playing blackjack in Atlantic City casinos. But they only played in the casinos that had a rule called Early Surrender. This Early Surrender rule provided professional and knowledgeable players with an advantage in the blackjack game.

After playing together for just a few months, the team took its initial $16,000 bankroll and turned it into more than $50,000. This is an incredibly impressive feat as you can imagine.

Things got worse for card counters in Atlantic City after a while. The original teammates on Hyland’s team decided as a group to leave Atlantic City and head for Asia. The only problem is that Tommy decided to stay in Atlantic City and did not go with his team. He called upon his golf buddies and created a new team.

Tommy’s team never cheated. They used intelligent strategy and superior blackjack knowledge to beat the casinos. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.